General Questions

What is Pool Party ?

Pool Party is a Cardano Stake Pool Operator, which gives you additionnal quality tokens at no additional cost when you delegate.

How does it work?

As part of Cardano's protocol, every stake pool has a minimum cost of 340₳. Every month, we convert these fixed costs into altcoins and give back your share on request.

How can I earn from Pool Party ?

Stake from your wallet to the pool ticker : PPWMT and you will be automatically eligible as soon as the epoch ends.

How many epochs do I need to wait to earn rewards ?

Zero. As soon as the epoch ends and your delegation is confirmed, you will start earning rewards. There is no epoch delay.

Will I get bonus tokens if an epoch has no block ?

Yes, with or without block you are eligible to the bonus tokens, every epoch

How do I claim my rewards ?

Check your wallet address and follow the instructions on the Claim section. The rewards are sent once every day at 2pm CET

Do I need to claim my rewards each epoch ?

No, you don't have to. Rewards will be linked to your wallet and acumalated so that you can withdraw them anytime. Check on the website to see you current status and available balance.

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